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HERE ARE VIDEOS I CREATED FOR A FEW OF MY SONGS.  (If these don’t play on your device, after pressing PLAY right-click on the video and open in a new tab.)

You Think

Pitiful Thing

Howlin’ At The Faceless Moon

Stories To Tell

In Some Foreign Land

Come And Gone


The True Nature Network (originally named Animal Rights Information Service) is a non-profit educational organization founded by me and Sylvia.  The True Nature Network educates and motivates people to end the suffering of non-human animals. Our video series shows how animals are abused in research labs, factory farms, puppy mills, circuses, fur “farms”, etc. and how the public can help stop these abuses.

We created a video series which has been shown on television stations throughout the US and Canada – it is available in schools, libraries and other educational facilities. Many animal protection organizations use these videos in their outreach programs.

Please visit our website at

Me & Sylvia in halcyon days...

Me & Sylvia in halcyon days…

Sylvia & me - our first date walking around in Times Square.

Sylvia & me – our first date walking around  Times Square.

At one of my swanky supperclub performances…

Was to be my1st album cover but the deal fell through and album wasn’t released.

Sylvia & Maya 2015 in Central Park.





Me & Inca 2015 in Central Park.


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