Ah, those halycon days...

Ah, those halcyon days…

On this site are recordings I’ve made of some of the hundreds of songs I’ve written. I’m singing all vocals and playing acoustic & electric guitars, bass guitar and keyboards.  I also do the percussion editing.  (I don’t use any autotune, melodyne or the like in my recordings.)  - February 2020


ALL SONGS – © Allan Bullington (IncaBull Music – ASCAP)

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Today’s featured songs are






Tomorrow Is Today


My Masterpiece


Wicked Words


Your Nowhere Love


The Harvey Family


Fly Away

      8. FLY AWAY

In Some Foreign Land


Howlin’ At The Faceless Moon


Another Man’s Wife


Better Him Than Me


Mr. Together’s Comin’ Apart


Pop Goes Tomorrow


You Think

      15. YOU THINK

Stink Eye

      16. STINK EYE

Bitterly Beautiful


Stories To Tell


Happy To Be

      19. HAPPY TO BE

World War Me

      20. WORLD WAR ME

Such A Mystery

      21. SUCH A MYSTERY

The King of Babble-On


Say It Like You Mean It


The Real Me

      24. THE REAL ME

Til Love Steps In


Sugar City

      26. SUGAR CITY

And So She Said

      27. AND SO SHE SAID

Your Secret Heart

      28. YOUR-SECRET-HEART-1-14-2017

That Mouth

      29. THAT MOUTH

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  1. Sharon Stanley says

    Listening to ‘Tomorrow Is Today’ reminds me of Badfinger, which of course is the best compliment I could give. If you want criticism as well, all I can say is it’s too bad it doesn’t suck enough to be on the radio —you’d have to amp up the compression to insanity and strip it of melody before that could happen!

  2. Phil says

    PITIFUL THING is a great pop tune, loved the vocals on “she sighs”, sweet harmony, and it made me smile. Really nice song, classic chord changes with a very cool set of changes leading into the chorus. Fantastic harmonies too. – Phil

  3. Stan B. says

    This is a cool song – sounds 60′s to me :)
    I esp like the chord progressions – unexpected and interesting.
    Good bridge and arrangement – perfect length!
    Solid lyrics with a strong message.

  4. Wayne Westbrook says

    Some of your songs connect more with me and it depends on what’s going on in my universe. “Tomorrow is Today” is a lovely gift you’ve given me at this point and time when my wife and I are making an effort to transition to an island off the Gulf coast of Florida. So everything is in need of perspective. And here you go with this gem. I love the melody and the environment of the instruments you’ve chosen. Keep’em coming I say. As always, Allan, you inspire me with your passion and focus. Many thanks for your music.

  5. Bill Walker says

    TOMORROW IS TODAY – I like the melody, especially the chorus, and the story/message that it telling. I think the choice of instruments and the arrangement compliments the style and mood….and the playing it top notch. The vocals and harmonies are good. The mix it great, good balance and clarity to it, especially your vocals, nice and clean. Overall you have a very like-able and listen-able song here. Very much in the pop style that I like.

  6. Tommy Mann says

    “Tomorrow Is Today” is Excellent. The message is powerful and very apropos to everything going on around us. I like it a lot. Makes sense. Kind of scary because if tomorrow is today (great title) and tomorrow is the future, then if the future is today, there really is no predicting it and there really is no tomorrow. It’s already here. Clever. Applause with all you’ve done here. Music and vocals are effective in delivering the theme and message. — Tommy

  7. Wayne Westbrook says

    “The Harvey Family” — This is such an ambitious dive into one of the worst events that have come from Richmond, VA. I heard about it through friends and was horrified as much as anyone who heard it. With your words and the tone of your song, you take us deep inside and it feels like we didn’t make it out. When you sing, “I don’t want to see, this could be you, this could be me” it sounds like the ultimate despair and an unanswered cry for help. Pretty powerful work.

  8. Lynette T. says

    Love the melody structure of “The Harvey Family” but OMG! What a terrible story! I think I may have nightmares.
    Lynette T.

  9. Wayne Westbrook says

    “Sun Never Shines” — What a delight. Love the lyrics and the groove on this one is unshakeable. Strong vocal and so appreciate the arrangement and the build with the variations of the backing instruments. Just doesn’t stop, this one. Congrats and thanks. – Wayne

  10. Lorrie K. says

    “Such A Mystery” is really well performed, Allan! Your voice at the beginning of the choruses is sublime. You have so many great ideas, it’s amazing!


  11. Wayne Westbrook says

    Allan, there are so many things to like with this song “Such A Mystery”. It’s one of my favorites to date. Get this: a bit of the Rasberries, Roy Orbison mixed in. Great arrangement, great lyrics, great melody and a really great lead vocal. Knocked it out of the park! — Wayne

  12. Billy Bell says

    Hey Allan…..”Such A Mystery” is such a nice production….Cool song…..Good work!

  13. James Vidos says

    Allan, Great stuff. Love My Masterpiece. Great lyrics and melody. Can’t wait to hear more.

  14. Lorrie K. says

    Allan, You sound just great here (‘The King of Babble-On’) – so much energy and such a fine vocal! An achievement you must be very proud of. Way to go! :) Lorrie

  15. Wayne Westbrook says

    Allan, what a tremendous creation from you. (THE KING OF BABBLE-ON) When you get in the zone, and those of us who go there understand, you soar. Really really appreciate this particular one. Your voice is so right for this. Great way to end a very good year of recordings. — Wayne

  16. says

    “Wicked Words” — I love to hear what you do and your voice is still strong and present. Love the pacing with the key board accompaniment as well. But the message is one we all relate to. Nothing is ending but simply a snapshot at the ups and downs of love. Congrats and keep doing what you love and do so well.

  17. Tommy M. says

    WICKED WORDS — that melody is very catchy, particularly in the verses. I like the clever inserts of some unexpected minor keys along the way – I’m getting to think you have a very strong songwriting style. Arrangements seem to be your specialty!

  18. says

    “Pop Goes Tomorrow” — I really liked the chord changes, melody and arrangement… Beatle-esque without sounding like the Beatles, retro with a modern edge. Which seems to be your thing. And it works! – Elliot

  19. Mark Carter says

    STINK EYE — Very nice – love this – love the vocals – playing is great and the mix sounds spot on.

  20. Bill Walker says

    Wow your voice reminds me very much of McCartney, and the song style reminds me of him. AWESOME! The hook is definitely the highlight:

    “If you’ve got nothing to hide
    you’ve got nothing to fear.”

    I was singing along immediately!

  21. Tommy M. says

    Allan, Nice work on “Howling To The Faceless Moon”. I like that unusual progression. I mostly like the message, bleak. Not really bleak but honest. Nice voice too. Beautiful harmonies, wish I could do that. Tommy

  22. Loren says

    (Howlin’ At The Faceless Moon) — I like this song! Your voice is super and I like the sense of humour and wordplay you inject. The hook for the title line is very catchy, too. The bass and drums really drive the song along well and are punchy propellers. You’re very talented!

  23. Nicky says

    “Howlin’ At The Faceless Moon” Hey Allan! This is a fun, crazy tune. Funky sort of disco vibe. I dig it. I listened to it some six times. I am absolutely loving the vocal melody, especially the title line. Fantastic prechorus sets the hook up really well, and then the title line just kills it. I am such a fan of this song.

    P.S. I love that guitar part right after the title line. Awesome. — Nicky

  24. Calvin Cecil says

    DON’T BLAME IT ON ME — Very Nice! Rock On! — CC

  25. Wayne Westbrook says

    (DON’T BLAME IT ON ME) — What a great song to hear first thing in the morning. I love the tone of this recording, the melody and lyrics of course and the earnest quality of the lead vocal. Sounds like a hit. Keep’m coming!

  26. Jason says

    “The Real Me” Although very much an original tune, it pays a distinct homage to the Revolver era Beatles in the reverse effects, eastern rhythms, and vocal harmonies. You put a modern spin on the tribute with delicious sounds. Very solid mix and the vocals are well done. Thanks for posting, i really enjoyed it. – Jason

  27. John Van Wagoner says

    Mr. Together’s Comin’ Apart ——- ANOTHER SUPER SONG, WORDS AND MUSIC. You are a bloody musical genius Mr. Bullington. — John Van Wagoner

  28. Tommy Mann says

    MR. TOGETHER’S COMIN’ APART — It’s not hard to imagine this tune on a Byrds, Beach Boys or Moody Blues album. Nice writing!

  29. Paul Ville says

    Mr. Together — It’s nice to hear good music. I get a very mid 60′s vibe from the production. Byrds… Association type of feel. Nice job! -Paul Ville

  30. Bruce L. says

    “Pop Goes Tomorrow” — Beatles-eque!! Clever lyrics, with some solid points wittily made. Talent aplenty! Hats off to you!! Nice work.

  31. Jerry B. says

    HAPPY TO BE — Very enjoyable! Great guitars and vocals, good variation as the song progress, love that organ. Lovely 60′s vibe, actual thee verse remind me a little of the chorus in Substitute by The Who. — Jerry B.

  32. Leo says

    Hey man,nice song! (Happy To Be) — Some interesting “moments” like the accappella part.I like the lyrics and the message. Good singing.
    Nice work! – Leo

  33. Mike B. says

    “Happy To Be” has a nice sound. Guitars at the beginning remind me of Pure Prairie League, and the overall sound is much like Kasim Sulton’s solo work (Todd Rundgren’s bass player). – Mike B.

  34. Mary Warden says

    “That’s How The Story Goes” — LOVE THIS! It’s sort of James Taylor . . . – Mary

  35. Bobby S. says

    MYSTERY — This is a super pop tune. Terrific hook – it really has that infectious “Dancing In The Moonlight” vibe to it. Good stuff! – Bobby

  36. Jim Collier says

    “Pop Goes Tomorrow” could have been on one of the later Beatle albums.

  37. Raymond W. says

    ‘Down In Boystown’ — Nice tune, Allan. There was an Irish band in the 80s called ‘Microdisney’ and it reminds me a bit of them …

  38. Eddie G. says

    “The Real Me” is a great slice of psychedelia. Allan! I am a sucker for backwards guitars so I was hooked form the start. I wish you posted your songs on Soundcloud because it would be nice to hit play and hear a succession of songs. Good stuff, keep the hits coming!

  39. says

    BOYSTOWN is simply fantastic Allan!! I am one for sad songs. Great voice, great lyrics and great music. Thank you! ^_^

  40. JUNE HUGHES says

    I really enjoy listening to the different kinds of music you write and sing, such a large repertoir!! Keep up the good work Allan. (‘Uneasy Street’ – I like this song!)

  41. John Van Wagoner says

    Yup, “Keep Me To Myself ” is another winner maestro. And “Uneasy Street” — man, that was an INSPIRED song Mr. Genius Composer. Dang, you really do turn out some great stuff Allan. Damn shame somebody in the monumental music establishment doesn’t know about YOU. Keep at it. Surely the law of averages will kick in some day soon and the RIGHT person will listen and sign you up. — John

  42. Tommy Mann says

    Really really really like “A Peacock At Heart”. Reminds me of Art Garfunkel on early Simon and Garfunkel stuff – high praise indeed but deserved!

    - Tommy

  43. Beth Lewis says

    ‘Too Much Pride’ — Great Words! LOVE this one!

  44. Gregg Anders says

    ‘In Some Foreign Land’ is another solid song! What I liked best about this track, besides everything, was the arrangement. Really tasteful use of electric guitar, I loved the chorus. The verse groove is totally different and makes a great juxtaposition with the choruses. Vocals are solid. Remarkable work. – Gregg

  45. says

    “Too Much Pride” invites you to join in and sing along. Love the harmonies and the overall vibe, Allan. It’s inspiring and you get me almost from the first bars of your music. Congrats on another beautiful gift to the world!

  46. John Van Wagoner says

    You are a bit of genius Allan. You make very creative and beautiful music — dang, a bummer we can’t get some pro to recognize your talent, market it and make you wealthy.

  47. Thomas says

    That “Howlin’…” is sweet. love the bridge homage/spin on Lennon’s classic anthem. main vocal and harmonies really make this; gives it nice texture. The lyric speaks to me. cool track.

  48. Mary Warden says

    “My Masterpiece” reminds me of early Steely Dan. LOVE IT!

    • says

      Well, who am I to argue? :) Anyway, the Dan is one of my top 5 favorite groups so I appreciate even being mentioned with them.

  49. says

    “What I Wouldn’t Give” is one of the best songs I’ve heard in some time. Also, it’s so good to hear your voice again after all this time and how you’ve matured as a songwriter and performer. Your work is truly an inspiration and I played the sample list through a couple of times to get a sense of the body of work you have here. You’re still amazing.

  50. Logan says

    I really like Uneasy Street. You’ve got a cool voice and the production sounds very polished and professional throughout the whole track. That’s a catchy tune you’ve made – cool :)

  51. Stace says

    Your Secret Heart is a really cool tune Allan! as well as XTC, a bit of Frances Dunnery and Johnny Marr in the guitar work – which is a big plus in my book!

  52. Bill Walker says

    Keep Me To Myself — I’m a huge fan of this vibe. Reminds me of the Beatles and kudos to your writing skills.

  53. Sam B. says

    YOUR SECRET HEART — That’s a catchy song Allan. Are you an XTC fan by any chance? The guitar work on this reminds me very much of ‘Drums & Wires’

    • says

      Hi Sam – thanks – yeah, I’m a bigtime XTC fan – more their later stuff though than “Drums…”.

  54. Mary Warden says

    ‘Dancing In The Rain’ – It reminds of Seals & Croft but better!

  55. Beth Lewis says

    Sun Never Shines is a fantastic Song! Really enjoyed it!

  56. John Van Wagoner says

    ‘Sun Never Shines’ is a great song Allan, Dariel and I really enjoy your creativity. Sorry we don’t have the connections or resources to promote them. You’re super creative.

    John & Dariel

  57. mpastries says

    Huge applause to you Allan! You are an amazing musician. Thank you for sharing these enjoyable moments with us. BRAVO and many many more! – Margaret

  58. Beth Lewis says

    I really enjoyed your song My Masterpiece — Profound! Made me think. Thanks!

  59. says

    ‘My Masterpiece’ is a beautiful song! Thank you for sharing this!

  60. Eric Benjamin Gordon says

    “A Stranger” is a great song and great playing, Allan!

  61. Janet Hess says

    “Hold Tight” would be an amazing movie ballad! Great job!! :) – Janet

  62. Kyle S. says

    Hey – your music’s good — why aren’t you famous?

  63. Elliot R. says

    Cool tune “Without Love” – your vocal sounds great and the band cooks — I like your songs.

  64. Thomas says

    I’m diggin’ ‘Keep Me To Myself’ and a bunch of the others on Pop-Rock – very Beatle-ly.

  65. Candy says

    Your songs sound great – love your voice!

  66. Janet Hess says

    OMG! I LOVE your songs – “Amazing” is all i can say about those songs!!
    Love you – Janet :)

  67. Janet Hess says

    I have always loved your music and can not figure out why you are not famous as you should be. :)
    Love you! Janet

    • says

      Janet, thanks. Sweet of you to say that. Hey, as the poet said…
      “Alas! it is delusion all—
      The future cheats us from afar,
      Nor can we be what we recall,
      Nor dare we think on what we are.”
      – Lord Byron

  68. says

    HiYa Allan……Site looks real cool amigo….Proud to have been a small spoke in your very musical wheel…

  69. Marcy Szarama says

    Allan, congrats on the music website; amazing music & photos/history. Glad to see TTNN website looking good also.

  70. Beth Lewis says

    I really like your site Allan! I’m having fun looking around it.

  71. JUNE HUGHES says

    I like the site! The song, “GOTTA FIND OUT” is really good!

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